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Breeder of Barbet (french waterdog)

Welcome to Revulen

We are breeders of Barbet (french waterdog) in Norway. 

The barbet is a very stable dog. It is cheerful and vivacious and loves to work. The breed is regarded easy learners, intelligent, attentive to their owners, positive and social. The breed is really an all-round dog. The big passion for water makes it ideal for water work, retrieving and hunting. But also all forms of track and search, agility, obedience, and freestyle are popular. One can simply use the barbet to everything!!

Barbet is a small breed in the world (maybe 3-4000 in total). In Norway there are maybe 30 Barbets all together. Since the breed is so small here in Norway we do not have a national Barbet Club.

If you want to read more about Barbet and its history, try this link;